Top 5 platforms for online courses

These are some of the best websites I've found for online courses. They aren't necessarily in order (of best to worst or vice versa) as different people suit different learning styles and some may or may not prefer to pay for online courses. However, I definitely think that it's worth trying some of these– especially if you're looking for an online course to build your skills and knowledge.

1. edX

EDX, a massive online course provide created by MIT and Harvard University, hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body– with the majority of the courses being free.

There is said to be over 2500 online courses from 140 different institutions as well as the opportunity to get an online degree.

edX: Website, App, Youtube Channel

2. Coursera

Coursera was created by Stanford computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in 2012 and has both paid and free courses available.

There are a variety of different courses ranging from the Arts to the Data Sciences to the Social Sciences to Languages and even Personal Development. You can also get a certificate or degree for the majority of these courses.

Coursera: Website, App, Youtube Channel

3. Codeacademy

Codecademy is an online interactive platform founded in 2011.

Codeacademy - Top 5 Websites/Apps for Online Courses

It offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.

Codeacademy: Website, App (iOS/Android), Youtube Channel

4. Udemy

Udemy was founded in 2010 and is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students. The platform currently has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages.

There have been over 295 million course enrollments by now. However, it's important to highlight that the courses start at around $12.99 each– and the prices go up/vary from there.

Udemy: Website, App, Youtube Channel

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, created in 2008 by Salman Khan, is a non-profit educational organisation with expert-created content and resources for almost every course and level. Most importantly, it's completely free and accessible to all.

They've got courses ranging from Economics to Computer Science to Chemistry. It's a website (there's also an app) that's worth giving a try.

Khan Academy: Website, App, Youtube Channel

I really think that self-learning is an amazing way of developing various skills (both personal and technical) and that it allows you to invest time in something you enjoy or that you're curious about. It's also a great idea to try out courses related to what you're thinking of studying before jumping into the respective career. I hope you find this post useful! Let me know which platform you pick (if you do decide to start an online course) or if you know any other great platforms.


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