Top 5 iOS apps I use in 2020

With so many applications on the iOS App Store, it can be a little daunting when you have to make the decision to choose what to download. Here are 5 iOS apps (some are available on Android too) I recommend you download to make your life so much more efficient and productive.

1. Canva

Canva (download link) is an app that lets you edit, design and create anything from an Instagram story to a presentation to a logo to a poster– the possibilities are endless. You have access to various different pre-made templates as well as elements, photos and fonts.

Canva - Top 5 apps I use in 2020

The app is free and although you can pay for Pro (US $9.95/month yearly) or Enterprise (US $30/month yearly), I honestly don't think it's necessary unless you're using it for business purposes.

I've used Canva for Instagram posts, school assignments and also thank you/get well soon cards for friends and family.

2. Forest

Forest (download link) is one of the best productivity apps I've used up till now. First off, it's incredibly cute. Secondly, it works as a countdown timer on your phone that grows a tree/plant if you follow through with your work. If you leave the app whilst the timer is on (and whilst you're supposed to be working), then the tree/plant dies.

Forest - Top 5 apps I use in 2020

There are also various achievements, such as staying focused for a total of 4 hours or planting healthy trees 3 days in a row. It's a great way to push yourself to stay focused, as it essentially works as a reward system.

The more trees you grow, the more coins you earn, and you can also see a little forest growing on the app. As well as that, you can use these coins to buy different trees of your liking and you can also plant an actual tree under the "Real Forest" option once you've got 2500 coins. However, it's key to keep in mind that the app is paid and costs $1.99.

3. Google Photos

If you're on an iPhone with the normal 5GB iCloud storage and you're always taking photos– then saving your pictures, screenshots and videos can sometimes be a headache. Although I back up my photos and data every now and then, I don't always get the time to do so.

Google Photos (download link) works by automatically uploading your camera roll pictures to your Google storage once you're on the app. You must have Google/Gmail account to be able to do this– but it's completely free. The app stores your videos, screenshots, GIFs and pictures, and also gives you the option to clear the photos off your camera roll once it's been uploaded.

Google Photos - Top 5 apps I use in 2020

As well as this, you can make movies, collages, animations and it uses facial recognition to split up the people in your photo album (which I think is a very useful feature when wanting to make a video/collage for a specific person). The app also makes collages, edits and videos for you (from time to time) under the "For you" section. Additionally, it gives you the automatic option to delete screenshots that look like their not needed and even fix the orientation of pictures that aren't the right side up.

Downloading Google Photos is definitely worth a try.

4. Evernote Scannable

Scannable (download link) is so incredibly useful and although there are other apps with the same abilities (e.g ScanBot/Tiny Scanner), I've been using this app from the start and so I've just stuck with it. Scannable essentially allows you to transform a picture into a high-quality scan that you can save or share, and it does this very intelligently, safely, and quickly.

Evernote Scannable - Top 5 apps I use in 2020

I've used the app to scan documents for various different projects and assignments, and in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, I've been using it constantly to send work across to other students and teachers too.

5. Notion

If you've been searching and comparing different note-taking apps to find the best one, then consider the task done! Obviously, the features you prefer to have in a note-taking app will be different to my preferences but I've recently started using Notion (download link) and I have to say, I don't have a single complaint (yet, at least).

Notion - Top 5 apps I use in 2020

Notion is straight-up amazing and it gives you access to various different features. It can be synced across different devices, it's very user-friendly, and if you've got an academic email account, you can access the Personal Pro plan for free.

We're all somewhat aware of how significant and influential technology is, and how much of an impact it can have on our lives. I believe that a common societal goal is to keep that impact positive and so I really do hope you try the apps recommended above– and that you found this post useful!


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